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Sizning Guide


The WOG Gi is made from pre-shrunk cotton, meaning that it will have minimal shrinkage (less than 3%) if washed in cold water and hang dried. If you are not sure which size you should be according to the sizing chart to the right, remember that height is typically more important than weight. For example, having sleeves that are too short will not be competition legal, and having sleeves that are too long will give your opponent an unfair advantage. If you are still not sure which size to get, please reach out to us at info@wogjiujitsu.com

If you wish to shrink your gi, you may wash it in hot water and dry it as needed. The recommended process is to first wash it in hot water and let it air dry. If it is still too large, wash it again in hot water, then heat-dry it in your dryer in 5 minute intervals. At the end of each 5 minute period, take your gi out and try it on. Once it reaches the perfect size, never dry your gi again (you can still wash it in hot or cold water)

When you first take the gi out of the bag you can expect minimal shrinkage (less than 3%) on the sleeve and pant length measurements.

Please understand that the height and weight ranges are estimates only and are not to be used as exact guidelines, but more of an average reference guide.

The Measurements provided on the chart can vary by +/- 1 to 4%

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