Source Of high Quality materials for manufacturing.

New & exclusive 100% Cotton pre- shrunk single weave double pearl Weave Gold
12oz cotton rip stop,12oz cotton canvas light weight fabric makes the jacket and
pant light, strong durable and Provides lightness and strength.

Our Gi are perfectly pre-shrunk and will not shrink even after several washings. Great balance between durability, comfort, and performance

Construction With Reinforced Paneling.
We construct the Gi jacket from single piece of Pre- shrunk light Pearl weave Gold weave material fabric (no seam in the back) for strength, comfort and durability.
Triple reinforced stitching throughout for maximum strength and stress points.

The reinforced panels provide extra strength where you need it, and no extra weight
where you don’t.
The extra layer of material stitched into the shoulders and knees provides extra durability
while making the gi more difficult to grab.

Extra Firm Lapel

The Gi collar Wrapped with durable canvas material and the lapel is a resilient foam rubber substance called EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)

This rubber material gives the Gi lapel a clear advantage in both thickness and stiffness. The result is a lapel that makes it remarkably harder for your opponent to grab onto, maintain grips, and execute a choke.

This helps keep the Gi light (doesn’t get soaked with sweat),allows the gi dry faster and does not allow bacteria and fungus to remain inside the collar.
Rubber lapel coating provides lightness and faster drying
Intense color processing increases life of color.

Durable Canvas And Rip stop Pants

New & exclusive 100% pre- shrunk 12oz Cotton canvas 100% 12oz cotton rip stop light weight fabric makes the pants light, strong durable and Provides lightness and strength.
The Gi pant 100% pre-shrunk rip stop, cotton canvas with reinforced knees and seams for durability. and further reinforced with triple-stitching along the seams, an extra layer of material stitched into the knees, and an extra layer Gi pants come with a 4/6 point loop system for Drawstring loops on the trousers to help keep the pants in the correct position on the body.

The result: an extraordinary amount of durability that can keep up
with the rigors of everyday training.